Karin Bohn | #BOHNAFIDE EP.2: The Design Inspiration
Watch award-winning, Vancouver based Interior Designer, Karin Bohn as she documents the reality of being a female entrepreneur in the Interior Design Business while offering endless advice and personal experiences to help her viewers succeed in their own career path.
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#BOHNAFIDE EP.2: The Design Inspiration

#BOHNAFIDE EP.2: The Design Inspiration

Hi guys! Sooo, what did you think of Episode 1?? We received some amazing feedback and I’m so thrilled to have you join me on this exciting journey! Episode 2 of #BOHNAFIDE is now up on YouTube and in this episode Chris joins me for a design inspiration meeting with the designers at House of Bohn. Typically at House of Bohn we would have an initial meeting with the clients called a ‘Programming Meeting’ or a ‘Discovery Meeting’ in which we go over the needs and wants of the clients, the design style they prefer, how they want the space(s) to function and their absolute MUST HAVES and absolute MUST NOT HAVES for their space. Since I’m not a typical client, this meeting was a bit more advanced than usual (considering I already know how I want to design it!) but just so you can get an idea of what I want to do with the space, I wanted to document this meeting!


Prior to the meeting, Chris and I had perused Pinterest and pinned all of the inspiration images that BOTH of us liked. It was important to me that we did this together because as an Interior Designer, I could easily take this all into my own hands, but I really wanted Chris to have some input into the design.ย  This is by far one of my favourite parts of the design process. I love envisioning ourselves in our newly renovated home. In fact, if you’re about to renovate your own home, I highly recommend taking some time to really envision what you want for your home and write it all down. Even before you dive into inspiration images, sit down, close your eyes and imagine yourself in your new home. Take note of what you are doing, how you feel, what colours do you see in your home? This exercise helps you to discover how you want your space to function and feel and the more details you can give to the designers, the closer they can get to your dream home! Chris and I love to entertain guests so it is essential for us to have an open concept kitchen with an extra wine/beer fridge plus a dining area that can seat up to 8 guests comfortably. Chris and I also play a few different sports and have a ton of gear, so storage is an absolute necessity in our home.

I’ll start off with the floor plans so you can see my ideas for opening up the space and really just making it more functional for our lifestyle. Keep in mind my ideas for the new floor plans still need to be looked at by an engineer to see if they are even possible. So you’ll have to stay tuned to see the final plans!!


Here is the main level layout of the townhouse right now:

As you can see below, my plan is to take out the kitchen walls and open it right up to the foyer, dining and living rooms. Then we can have a long back kitchen line with a nice big island that people can gather around and will serve as most of our storage space considering we won’t have nearly as many cabinets anymore. We will give the dining room a little more space so it will comfortably seat 6-8 people and I’ve also added some custom built-in storage and shelving on either sides of the fireplace and the back wall of the living room.


For the upper level…There is so much space in the master bedroom that I couldn’t decide if we should reconfigure the upstairs into 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms?? (which would be IDEAL for selling). Orrrr, if we should design it for ourselves and keep it as 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with a large walk-in closet and a roomy master ensuite??? We originally bought this townhouse as a flip project although, it would be nice to enjoy the place for a while once its renovated, right?? What would you do??

After looking at the floorplan options for 3 bedrooms, we realized the bedrooms would be so small and it wouldn’t really be worth it in the end, so lucky me!!!! I get my walk-in closet!!! Let’s be honest, that third bedroom would have just been used as my closet/dressing room anyway! lol!

So, as you can see below…we have switched the master bathroom and closet layout so we can utilize that beautiful natural light in the bathroom. We did confine the bedroom space by moving the bathroom but there is plenty of room to fit a large queen size bed and nightstands AND maintain the reach-in closet for Chris! Just kidding! I’ll share the walk-in ๐Ÿ™‚

What do you think so far?? Are you liking where I’m going with this space plan??

Now as for design and aesthetic, here are some of the Pinterest images that Chris and I brought to the designers to give some examples of what we are looking to see in the space. You can check out the entire Pinterest Board here.

Starting with the kitchen which is where you will enter into our home…

I am really loving the look of the black cabinets balanced out by the white tile backsplash and the brass/gold accents. I love how the gold accents elevate the kitchen while the black cabinets are dramatic and moody and the white subway tile keeps the space casual. My perfect mix ๐Ÿ™‚ The wood counter tops add warmth to the space and the open shelving gives it an industrial look. You know…because the more you feel like a professional chef in your kitchen, the better your food will taste. ๐Ÿ™‚ One of my fave pics from Architectural Digest below.


Moving on to the living room, I want to make the fireplace a focal point as it will be facing the entrance. I was originally wanting a grand floor to ceiling marble facing, but because we will most likely mount the TV above the fireplace, we will have to stick to a smaller facing that will border the fireplace. I do want to keep it contemporary with clean lines and incorporate the marble that way. Something similar to these pics…

bohnafide-marble-fireplace-2 bohnafide-marble-fireplace-3

For the powder room, I would love to dec it out with some statement wallpaper, something like the image below.ย  I also love the light, rustic flooring and large moldings and door casings that you see in the image below.

So that’s it for the main floor! Moving upstairs…for the guest bathroom we are thinking of pulling in some slate for the floors or maybe some patterned tile? We love the wood on the ceiling and the pairing of black and white in the image below.

For the Master Bathroom, I would love to bring in a lot of white, a lot of marble and incorporate some wood just to warm up the space and to tie the whole design together.



So that’s it for design and inspiration you guys!! I hope this gives you a good understanding of the space plan and aesthetic that we are going for! I can’t WAIT to start picking out the flooring and finishes and see it all come to life!!! In the next episode Chris and I take a trip to my favourite appliance showroom, Midland Appliances, to pick out our kitchen appliance package!!! Make sure you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss what’s next!! You can also be notified of new episodes and other news and updates by subscribing to my newsletter at the bottom of my homepage!

Let me know what you think of my floor plan ideas and inspiration for the space!! I’d love to know in the comments below!


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