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Wow! I can’t believe it has already been a year since Chris and I moved into our North Vancouver townhouse. Work has been extremely busy at House of Bohn, but to be honest the real reason for stalling this renovation was because I thought it would be such an AMAZING opportunity to document the entire process for you guys to watch on YouTube! Well, the time has finally come my friends and I am SO excited to bring you the very first episode of my newest YouTube series #BOHNAFIDE!!!!

The reason for calling this series Bohnafide was because I wanted to show you guys what a REAL home renovation is like. I’m sure you see a ton of renovation shows on home improvement networks, but let’s be honest, you can’t renovate a home in 1 hour. The space planning, sourcing of materials, finding the right contractors, finding holes in your design plan. There is so much that is missed on those tv shows that I want to expose to you through this series. I will also be offering tips and tricks along the way so if you want to renovate your own home or you just love interior design, I definitely recommend subscribing to my channel so you don’t miss a single episode!

I wanted to start the series off with a home tour so you can get a good idea of the space we are working with. Then, once the renovation is complete, we’re able to go back and see the dramatic transformation!!

For the first time EVER, I am going to be the designer AND the client. This made me a bit nervous but ultimately I thought it was a great opportunity for me to sit on the other side of the table and understand what the clients go through during their home renovation. This will give me a chance to see where we can improve in our processes and give feedback to our designers so we can create an even better experience at House of Bohn. You know me, I’m all about bus dev!

Shall we get started with the home tour?! If you would prefer to just watch the video you can click on the video below to watch the full episode. Or if you want to see the pics, scroll on down!

WARNING!!! I must warn you before you scroll any further…my townhouse is so NOT designer! I have literally done nothing to the place since we moved in because I’ve been waiting to renovate, so please don’t underestimate my design skills when viewing these photos! 😉

Ok, so starting from the entrance, I welcome you to the very unexciting, confined foyer. (Ps. That little bell at the bottom of the door…Oscar rings it when he needs to go outside! Such a good boy!)


Here is the powder room off the foyer.


On the other side of the foyer, is our kitchen. A great size kitchen with amazing light, but so closed off to the rest of the living area it has absolutely no Bohn Shui. We will fix that! Can you tell this place was built in the 90’s??

BOHNAFIDE-HOME-TOUR-kitchenBohnafide kitchenBOHNAFIDE-HOME-TOUR-kitchen
Behind the kitchen is the dining room which opens up to our deck and living room space.


A little laundry closet.BOHNAFIDE-HOME-Laundry-closet

Heading upstairs we have a second bedroom that I currently use as my makeup room and overflow closet. This room also has a 3 piece ensuite where I currently do my hair in the morning. 🙂



And finally the Master bedroom, fully equipped with a decent sized master ensuite and a great flex space which is currently my ‘walk-in’ closet. This bedroom has two closets right now, one beside the bed and the other in the flex space, but my plan is to swap the bathroom for the flex space to utilize that window light better! Who doesn’t love a bathroom with natural light!


Unfortunately I can’t include animations on this blog post so you will have to watch the video if you want to see what I plan to do with the space and don’t forget to subscribe to keep watching how the renovation unfolds!!

I hope you join me on this journey over the next little while and let me know what you think of the episodes along the way! Are you as excited about this as I am??? Let me know in the comments below!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!! Until next time…


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