Karin Bohn | Why Your Wardrobe Is More Important Than You Think
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Why Your Wardrobe Is More Important Than You Think

Why Your Wardrobe Is More Important Than You Think


I’m a big believer in dressing not for where you are, but where you want to be.

Translation: if you want that promotion, dress like you already have the part.

Clothes can be a powerful tool because they say a such a big statement about you (whether you intend it or not). When it comes to the workplace, dressing for a particular role may not seem to be that important, but I can say with certainty that how important people perceive you to be, has a lot to do with how you dress.


In my world, I’m particularly careful about how I look, especially when I’m meeting with a potential new client. I want my client to take me seriously – very seriously – so when I’m meeting with them for the first time, or sitting down to review a proposal before we’ve started working together, I’m very aware of how I come across with my attire.

I mean business, and I dress the part to show it. Click To Tweet

Dressing for work can be a very powerful tool. If you want the part you have to look the part.  Own your power.

Seriously. Go out there and OWN it girl. You might just be surprised at the opportunity that’s around the corner when you do…


I hope you liked this post!

I’d love to hear what you’re wearing for work this fall and how you dress when you’re gearing up for a big meeting so please let me know in the comments below.

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Pants: Aritzia
Shirt & Ring: Club Monaco
Coat: Le Chateau
Shoes: Nine West
Necklace: BCBG Maxazria
Bag: Chanel

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