“You can’t be a great artist without expressing yourself completely.”





My personal style is a lot like my interior design projects. Eccentric, edgy, classic and sophisticated all at the same time.

While interior design is my art, fashion is my form of self-expression and I believe that you can’t be a great artist without expressing yourself completely. This is why fashion is such a huge part of my brand, in addition to being a practising interior designer.

I’ve often thought about re-inventing my wardrobe – toning down the eccentric purchases so that I have more practical pieces instead of items that I only pull out on occasion. Or “investing” in only classic silhouettes so that I can wear them over and over again until they’re literally falling apart and need to be replaced.

This comes from a desire to be more practical both with my style and with my finances (let’s face it, I’m not getting any younger and at some point in life, practicality means something). That said, toning down the eccentric side of my wardrobe just wouldn’t be “me,” especially since self-expression is so important to me.

So how can you still be eccentric in your style and practical and the same time? Well, COMFORT is key. When I shop now, I’m still looking for interesting and unique pieces but they must be comfortable. If I need to pull, adjust, or suck in my stomach in while I’m wearing it, forget it, I don’t care what it looks like, I’m definitely I’m not buying it. It just wouldn’t be practical.

QUALITY is the other factor. I’m not necessarily interested in trends – I bought a few chokers and gave them away because they just don’t look right on me; I just can’t bring myself to do a lob (even though I think it looks fab); the jury’s still out on weather I’ll start wearing socks and shoes… Quality, on the other hand, always stays in style because pieces can be used over and over again regardless of what’s trending. Quality, in my opinion, always looks good.

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Skirt & Long-sleeve T: Club Monaco
Vest: Zara
Shoes: Sophia Webster
Bag: Zac Posen
Necklace & Ring: BCBG Maxazria
Bracelet: J. Crew




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